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2021-2022 Season

We wish to thank all of our Patrons, whose generous support allows the Carolyn Mawby Chorale to continue to add to the rich choral tradition of the Flint area.

Golden Circle

($1000 or more)


  • William Piper in honor of Judy Noye, Cleo Silver, and Dottie Broomfield

  • Cleo M. Silver in memory of Carolyn Mawby
  • Janet Olivo
  • Jean Craig Flynn in memory of Richard Craig, In honor of the Carolyn Mawby Chorale

Conductor's Circle

($500 - $999)

  • Bob and Beverly Walters in honor of Our Clarkston Supporters
  • Howard J. Young in memory of Bonnie Young. In honor of Judy Noye: Great contributions to your organization.


($250 - $499)


  • Barbara A. Menear Nickola 
  • Ann Lerche
  • Bob Bix
  • Dorothy M. Broomfield In honor of Judy Noye, Ginny Beck
  • Keith and Anne Baldwin
  • Mary Jo Clark 
  • Susan M. Danz Donna V. Neal and Carolyn Mawby


($100 - $249)

  • Bob and Mary Nordin
  • Chapin W. Cook in memory of Gail C. Cook
  • David and Nancy Benjamen in memory of Foster and Esther Benjamen, Cliff and Jane Harding
  • Don and Linda Priestap in honor of Cheryl Burnside
  • Janet Williamson
  • Jennifer Howard and Sheila Smith
  • Jerry and Ginny Smith in memory of Christopher Smith
  • Joan Smalley
  • Michael and Amy Weber
  • Mr. And Mrs. Randall J. Petrides in memory of Anne Davis
  • Rachel and Robert Haviland
  • Robert and Kathryn Giles
  • Shirley and Richard Shaw In honor of Kari Shaw's 34th year of teaching-Retirement


($25 - $99)


  • Jack and Nancy Stock
  • Jane Mayes In memory of Ken Galbreath
  • Rob and Rosemary Lutz
  • Sally and Bob Burek
  • G. Donald and Elaine W. Kaye
  • Beth Bravender Wachterhauser
  • Clyde and Georgie Allard
  • Donna and Christopher Griffin
  • Bill and Sharon Timmins
  • Nancy "Yenny" Yenshaw Petrie In memory of Ken Galbreath
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